"Altus" firm was created in 1994. Since then coffee mark Kingston became recognized and has got set of admirers. The basic direction of firm activity is natural coffee manufacturing. Kingston coffee it is widely known both in the Latvian market, and behind its limits: in Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, and England. Now we make about 10 tons of high-quality coffee a month. In our assortment it is charged about 60 grades, including 12 names of the flavoured coffee. If you the present gourmet one of exclusive grades of the fried coffee for true judges necessarily is necessary to you to taste. These are such grades as Hawaii Cona, Ecuador Galapagos, Mocca Yemeen Matari, Guinea Sigri etc.

Together with the business partners in 2015 was created an  exsclusive (GOURMET) coffee’s trade mark “COFFEEBO TWINS”.


Coffee from Rwanda 100% Arabica Bourbon


The CoffeeBo Twins” coffee comes from the best coffee beans that have been

individually and manually gathered as the premium beans of Rwandian harvest.

This is the combination of high altitudes, wet tropical climate and volcanic soil that

provides ideal conditions for growing high-quality coffee beans. They are “slowroasted” to preserve characteristic aroma, taste and flavour. The aroma creates hints of lemon and orange with floral notes complementing citrus qualities with the hints of caramel in the aftertaste. Each cup of this delicious coffee will bring you into

the atmosphere of green hills of Rwanda on the shores of the mysterious Kivu Lake.

We are committed to produce the highest quality of coffee in Rwanda and

empowering coffee growers by providing them with the best practices. The farmers

carefully pick by-hand coffee cherries and every stage in the processing is

inspected mainly at cherries collection, de-pulping, fermentation and drying. The

quality of used water in the processing stage and the whole fermentation process is

carefully conducted to ensure that the flavor of the bean is not affected.

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